Top Ten: Zelda Tunes

5. Dragon Roost Island

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Yep, you knew it would be here somewhere! One of the most iconic Zelda tunes of recent years, this track has rightly earned its place in video game music history. From that first initial guitar strum to the crisp click of the castanets, Dragon Roost Island marks your first foray into the wild exoticism of the Great Sea, and after a disappointing rescue mission through the dingy, candlelit corridors of the Forsaken Fortress, there’s no greater song to put the wind back in your sails than this one.

The Rito are also one of the more fascinating Zelda races, and I think the panpipes, mandolin and guitar really help bring both their culture and their home to life– and when there’s so little life elsewhere on the Great Sea, this also makes somewhere like Dragon Roost Island immediately stand out too.

If you want to listen a really great version of Dragon Roost Island, though, you should really check out the Mario & Zelda Big Band Live performance that Nintendo did in 2003. You may think that switching out the panpipes for a violin would be a disastrous move, but trust me on this– you’ll thank me later.


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