Top Ten: Best (and Worst) Nintendo Moments of E3 2012

The Best Moment of E3 2012 — Iwata’s Bananas

Disclaimer: we’re not saying Iwata is, in fact, bananas (though we have been wrong before!); just simply that he has some bananas. Quite why is anyone’s guess.

If Nintendo ever wanted to create a meme, they’ve succeeded. Easily the most bizarre sleeper-hit of this year’s E3, Iwata’s bananas were just so odd and unexpected that they instantly captured gamer’s hearts worldwide with their sheer randomness. Iwata literally stares at them for four seconds before he turns to the camera, puts them down, and resumes his presentation. That’s quite a long time when that’s all you’re looking at, but the weirdest thing is that he does it all with a completely straight face like it’s the most natural thing in the world! If someone walked in on us staring at bananas, I think we’d all be shuttled off to the nearest psychiatric ward. So congratulations, Iwata’s bananas. You just stole the show.


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