Top Ten: Best (and Worst) Nintendo Moments of E3 2012

The Worst Moment of E3 2012Nintendo Land‘s Firework Finale

Not the way to end a lacklustre conference, guys.

What’s worse than not seeing Retro’s new game? This. Because let’s face it, no one really wanted to end the conference on Nintendo Land. We’d been hoping, praying, and crossing every extremity that’s capable of being crossed, and we all thought our prayers had been answered when the following words tumbled out of Reggie’s mouth: “Thanks again, and let’s finish with…” But sadly, that sentence of hope was followed by, “one more walk through the theme park that is Nintendo Land. Enjoy!” Cue confused audience applause and an eerie firework display.

Now we don’t mean to rag on Nintendo Land, but when previous years have ended with Shigeru Miyamoto becoming the closest thing to a real-life Link and parades of 3DS tour guides (not to mention huge summaries of every game announcement that year), we can’t help but feel this year’s finale was rather like a balloon that had been let off without warning, whizzing round the room at break-neck speed before crudely coming to a spluttering end in the corner somewhere.

Oh well, there’s always next year!

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Did you agree with our choices? If you think we missed one (good or bad) or would like to make your own list, tell us in the comments!


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