Top Ten: Best (and Worst) Nintendo Moments of E3 2012

Best Moment No.5 — Miiverse

Nintendo gets online right.

One of the more surprising announcements to be made this year (if only because there were so few of them), Miiverse was tucked away in Nintendo’s pre-E3 Nintendo Direct presentation. It’ll be the first thing you’ll see whenever you boot up your Wii U, offering notes and community advice about the games you’ve got in your library. One of its coolest features, however, is the ability to pause your game, boot up Miiverse for instant in-game help, and then go right back to your game without having to go through the arduous task of quitting and restarting again. It’s like an in-built GameFAQs, and that can only be a good thing in our books.

Another amazing thing about Miiverse is that you’ll be able to access it from your phone too. You’ll be able to see all the latest updates from your friends and family, as well as your immediate community, right there on your smartphone, making Wii U a much more social and interactive experience than anything Nintendo’s attempted before. Gone are the days of silly, numerical friend codes too– those have finally been laid to rest. With Miiverse, Nintendo’s finally getting its online act together, and that makes us very happy people indeed.


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