Top Ten: Best (and Worst) Nintendo Moments of E3 2012

Worst Moment No.5 — Miiverse Promo Video

The only bad thing about Miiverse, however, was this video. Man, this was all kinds of awkward. From Todd “the non-killing zombie killer”‘s bullet sandwich and ineffectual pushes to the ever so slightly contrived and over the top dialogue, this Miiverse trailer was quite possibly one of the most cringe-worthy moments of the entire Nintendo Direct broadcast.

That said, I’m sure many of us cracked a smile when Warren, Todd’s too-cool-for-school gamer buddy, got passed up for OctoG123, but for the most part it was a case of “Please make this stop!”

But hey, it wasn’t all bad, because it also introduced us to one very special person… (thing…figure… just click the next page!)


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