Top Ten: NPCs of All Time

8: Issun

All-round philanderer and artist extraordinaire, Issun was Amaterasu’s somewhat unwelcome hitch-hiker on her journey to smite Yami’s demon uprising. Never afraid to make a lewd joke about melons, Issun was a man of huge comedy value despite his tiny stature. He acted as the main voice of Ammy on her quest, speaking to the townspeople and celestial gods on her behalf as she sniffed out trouble brewing on the horizon. You might have despaired over his seedy attempts to woo the women of Nippon, but you never quite realised what a difference he made until he refused to accompany Ammy into his home town of Ponc’tan. All of a sudden there was a sprite-shaped hole in your life and never has an NPC been missed so greatly.


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