Top Ten: Zelda Items

1. Double Clawshot

Just when you thought the hookshot couldn’t get any better, Twilight Princess went ahead and gave you two of them. TWO! With the Double Clawshot, Link could zip his way Spiderman-style across the City in the Sky and other appropriate surfaces with ease and grace. Quite what use the Oocca had for a spare clawshot is anyone’s guess, but the Double Clawshot is the pinnacle of hookshot evolution. Skyward Sword better not disappoint!

Honourable mentions must go to Majora’s Mask’s Zora Mask, the Sand Wand from Spirit Tracks, and, of course, Link’s stalwart collection of empty bottles– who knew a scrap of glass could outperform the Master Sword in a game of Dead Man’s Volley!?

So what do you think? Are your favourite items on this list? If you feel like I’ve missed out an all-important weapon that should take pride of place in this top ten then be sure to make your own lists in the comments below.


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