Print & Online

I’ve written for a variety of online and print publications over the years and here’s a selection of the work I’ve done for each one.

MyM Magazine

(2012 – present)
I interview cosplayers from around the world for MyM‘s My Cosplay section.

045_MYM-8_Hands-On 045_MyM9_HandsOn 045_MYM-10_Hands-on 045_MYM11_Hands-On 045_MyM12_Hands-On_v2 045_MyM13_Hands-On 045_MyM14_Hands-On 045_MyM15_Hands-On 045_MyM-16 045_MyM17 046_MYM-18 046_MyM19 045_MyM20
039_MyM21 045_MyM22 039_MyM23 037_MyM24 039_MyM25 045_MyM26 038_MyM27 038_MyM28 038_MyM29 039_MyM30 39 MYM31- 39 039_MyM32 039_MyM33 040_MyM34 040_MyM35040_mym36_handson040_mym37040_mym38045_mym39045_mym40045_mym41045_mym42046_mym43046_mym44045_mym45

Nintendo Gamer Magazine

Until Nintendo Gamer’s untimely demise, I did a fleeting stint as a freelance contributor who played all the terrible games no one else wanted to review. I also helped compile the fan art and cosplay pages each month.

Nintendo Life

Diamonds in the Rough: Dementium: The Ward


The Year Ahead: Part III – 3DS Will Storm the Show and Wii U Might Make it for the Encore

What if Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles was on Wii U?

All-Star Round Table: The Nintendo Ultimatum

Your Local Guardian Newspapers

Review: Resident Evil: Revelations

Review: Kid Icarus Uprising

Review: BIT.TRIP Complete


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